Precise In The Steer Path, Forgiving In The Load Path..

To maintain a traditional feel while absorbing abuse and catastrophic impacts. Tunable to your preferences through our assorted elastomers, you control how soft or stiff the Flexx Handlebar is.

We focus on two areas at Fasst Company; The first is absorbing abuse without sacrificing control or feel. The second is ergonomics. We spend more time on ergonomics than any other brand. Between these two areas of focus, it's surprising how much comfort can be added to your time on the bike. 

What's in the box

  1. Black handlebar pad
  2. 3 sets of Compression Elastomers
  3. 2 set of Rebound Elastomers


  1. Controlled and Consistent - Laterally, Flexx Handlebars are extremely stiff which makes them precise in the steer path, meaning you do not have to “steer” through the abuse reduction mechanism
  2. Tunable You control how soft or stiff the bar is. With a properly set up Flexx Bar, you’ll never feel the bar moving but you will feel increased control and improved comfort.
  3. Dramatically reduces vibration - Our pivot pin is wrapped in a proprietary bushing that isolates the handles from any metal to metal contact, drastically minimizing vibration right from the start.
  4. American Made - We take pride in bringing you the only handlebar Made in America. Constructed out of 7000 series aluminum; employing the latest technology in CNC machining and extrusion methods, our handlebars are made with the utmost hands-on precision and care.

Notable Dimensions: 

-On ATV’s the ideal backsweep is usually a 14 degree or a 15 degree, pending your height and what kind of riding you’re primarily doing. Most ATV’s come stock with a bar most identical to our 15* Quad High. In regards to bar height, we bring it back to rider goals. If you’re racing, you’re best to keep the bar low so the ATV handles best. If you’re just a casual trail rider and looking to add comfort, a tall bar isn’t a bad setup. 

Traditionally we see taller folks preferring a straighter bar like the 14*. Check out our ATV Bar Bend Chart HERE.

-Our Mini Low is 92mm tall, our Mini High is 116mm. 

-Our Quad Low is 92mm tall, our Quad High is 116mm tall.

-All of our Mini Bars are 29 inches wide. 

-All of our Quad bars are 31 inches wide.

BAR DIMENSIONS (see picture)

A. Sweep
Shown in degrees/millimeters

B. Mid Section
As of September 1, 2021 all bends have a 7.25 wide center section.

C. Overall Width
Measured from handle end to handle end in inches

D. Height
High / low measured in millimeters

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FASST Flexx Handlebars

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