• Billet Banshee Engine Cases

Mattoon Machine Billet engine cases. Banshee Twin Billet cases stock 102mm spread Available with stock 62mm crank bearings or "BIG BEARINGS" (72mm).  We offer the stock crank bearing cases in strokes from stock to +18mm.  In the big bearing cases we offer +16mm to +30mm.  The adantage of billet cases over stock cases is reliability,  strength, No Epoxy,  No more worries about breaking those weak stock cases.  These cases weigh 25 lbs.  The extra weight is necesary to stand up to todays race motors.  Price $1950.00 and up depending on options.

An Optional Shift Fork Window is a must have for any serious racer.  This window allows you to change the rear 2 shift forks without taking the engine apart.  It turns a 4 hour job into a 20 minute job.  Price $225.00 w/case purchase.  Or add it later for $300.00

Replace those worn out cases with new ones.

Note: They do not come with top studs, so ask us for them and we can get them coming as well.

Please allow 1-2 weeks

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Billet Banshee Engine Cases

  • Product Code: YA-BILLET-CASE
  • $1,950.00


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