• Billet Clutch Basket-Banshee

Made in the USA!

Don't risk having a broken stock basket slinging pieces around in your motor, GO BILLET! The hard anodized coating makes them stronger and provides smoother clutch action. The Banshee ones come with new backing plate, HD screws and poly cushions to keep everything tight the way it should be. We have tried just about every aftermarket basket on the market and these just can't be beat for the price!

Chariot baskets are true hard anodized for the greatest wear resistance.

Will allow using 7 or 8 clutch plates.

Backing plate is cut from 4130 high strength alloy plate.

We removed weight where possible to make the lightest basket available with the most strength. Less weight to spin means more HP to the ground !


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Billet Clutch Basket-Banshee

  • Product Code: CH-CLUTCH-BASKET
  • $185.00


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