Yamaha Banshee REAR Exhaust Pipe Hanger Adjustable With Rubber Cushion

You can choose Machined aluminum or Black.

*Mainly used for "REAR" of Toomey T5s & T6 silencers*

You are purchasing a PAIR of Chariot Performance exhaust hangers for the REAR of the banshee.

*Unique donut rubber cushion allow a solid bolt to hold the hanger halves together yet still have the right amount of flex.

*The flex is essential to keep your engine vibration from cracking the exhaust pipes at the hangers.

*Complete with all stainless fasteners needed for installation and some extra washers if you desire to space it out to reach odd fitting pipes.

*Hangers rotate and are slotted to provide adjustment for any pipe.

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Chariot Billet Exhaust Hangers REAR

  • $46.00

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