Clutch Rod Ceramic Ball bearing. The bearing on the LEFT is our ceramic clutch rod ball that will not weld or break. The one on the right (white) is the cheap China ceramic balls that give them a bad name and are made out of inferior material.  Ours are made of Silicone Nitride and are made in the USA!  You can find balls the same color from China but they will break under load, the white balls are Zirconia Nitride and are NOT made for anything with a heavy load, especially ones from China.

This is a less expensive route rather than buying the pancake bearing and gives more options plus it's lighter.

Check other image to see what can happen without the use of Ceramic ball or pancake bearing  : (

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Clutch Ball - Ceramic

  • Product Code: FR-CB-CERAMIC-BALL
  • $15.00


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