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Cast/forged cranks use 25mm shafts, most billet cranks use 30mm shafts. Please check which bearing you need before ordering.

Want the performance edge over the competition, look no farther. These are hands down the best bearings you can buy. They are virtually indestructible. The ball bearings are made of Silicone Nitride and are made right here in the USA.

40% Less friction vs steel

Less friction = Horsepower

60% less rotating weight

Last 3-5 times longer than steel

Runs much cooler and less vibration than steel

We recommend our tighter fitting half bearing clip for an even higher quality install.

Note: Many other Ceramic bearings available for other models and applications! Email if you need something different

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Ceramic Crank Bearing -Banshee

  • $110.00

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