• Chain - Non O-Ring

We carry 25 foot rolls of  EK non-O-ring 520 chain (8,000lb tensile strength) and can cut it to fit any length needed. This chain is Very strong (Quad staked) and Very Light (Drag guys love em).  Comes in natural steel color and includes master link. Give us a call!

Price shown is $9.85  PER FOOT.

Banshee Chain guide (for reference only, Length may vary w/different bikes or sprocket sizes)

Stock = 5.5ft

+4      = 6ft

+6      =6.5ft

+8      =7ft

+10   =7.5ft

+12   =8ft

+14   =8.5ft

Chain - Non O-Ring

  • Product Code: WP-69-3425
  • $9.85


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