• Chain Tensioner - Banshee

Chariot Chain Tensioner for Yamaha Banshee (others noted below)


Made in the USA!

•  Mounts to both footpeg holes either in front of behind the footpeg.
•  The highest quality materials available.
•  Stainless fasteners and spring.
•  Includes all fasteners needed including longer footpeg bolts.
•  Wheel is high quality and mounts with two high speed bearings.
•  This tensioner has 180 degrees of motion with equal spring pressure assuring tension over the entire suspension travel.
•  Swinging arm is 1/2" wide to provide for a great bearing surface without concern for wear.
•  Note the last two pictures show the footpeg bracket turned up for a lowered chassis or much longer swing arms.

What does a chain tensioner accomplish?  It keeps equal tension on your chain, which reduces wear on both the chain and sprockets. Constant tension keeps the chain from harshly taking up slop when accelerating. Tensioners greatly reduce the likelihood that your chain will derail or break from fast accelerations. Replacing engine cases because a broken chain gets bound up around the drive sprocket is expensive.  This is just one more safeguard against that.

** Note, we also have Universal 1 hole bracket tensioners for most any ATV. Call for other applications needed **

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Chain Tensioner - Banshee

  • Product Code: CH-CP-CT-03
  • $69.95


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