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 Banshee — Stop worrying about overheating and melting the stock wimpy plastic impeller. Be sure and get one of these and KNOW your bike is good to go!

  • This design is the ULTRA HIGH FLOW design for the banshee.
  • This design will move more coolant through the cylinders.
  • Notice the comparison to the standard impeller in the first picture.
  • This design does not always lower the coolant temperature but always evens out the temperature around the cylinder.
  • This design diminishes hot spots on the head and cylinder greatly. 
  • We have a nitride treated hardened shaft that will never wear.
  • Complete with a new gasket, cover, fasteners and ULTRA impeller. 

****The ultra impeller does not always fit behind other brand outer covers.  You may have a gap but still useable.   With Chariot outer cover there is a perfect fit. ****

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Chariot Banshee ULTRA HIGH FLOW Billet Water Pump Impeller with Gasket and cover

  • Product Code: CP-BI-UL
  • $120.00


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