• Cylinders - Cheetah Cub

*** With Free Clean-Up Port ***

Cheetah Cubs — These cyls are especially good for the Drag guys or F.A.S.T. Duner/Trail riders that ride aggressively and want massive mid-top end HP. We Recommend running these w/ Race gas or Alky..  IF your looking for a more trail friendly hp/trq package or want to run on premium fuel, then check out the Serval Cub!  We make an effort to carry all sizes so you don't have to wait. Currently, these are the hottest selling cylinders for Banshees. Cylinders ONLY are $940  We are a reputable builder that provides service after the sale! We maintain a FULL selection of pistons, stud extenders, water plugs, gaskets, domes, heads, etc.

Kit Includes :Cyls w/ clean up port, 2x Wiseco pistons, 4x water plugs, 2x stud extenders, base gskt, F.A.S.T. Racing Custom domes, and 2 x 12pt ARP cub base nuts. ( just copy and paste this in the notes section w/ your order and we will take care of it)

Available in stock stroke, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, and Supercub (72mm bore)  NOTE: Trenching required for 7-10mm and case boring required for 72mm Bore.

Give us a call for the best price and recommendation on a build quote that suits you.

Cylinders - Cheetah Cub

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  • $940.00

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