• Direct Drive Lock Up Cover GLOSS BLACK

This is a new lockup cover by Direct Drive. Needed with high HP motors - 90hp or more. Totally adjustable to help tune your clutch for different conditions. No more slipping with these. These are the NEW STYLE 12 bolt lens, cast aluminum clutch covers so there is no more core to worry about! Lens colors available: blue, red, clear, and smoke, and now available with our F.A.S.T. Racing logo — good for a bike length  ;  )

Note us if you need a custom color and we may be able to get that as well....

We highly recommend adding a Stiff Ring to help keep the lens from cracking around the bolts!!

WATER PUMP BEARING MUST BE PRESSED IN STRAIGHT WITH A PRESS. IF NOT, THIS WILL DISTORT BORE. UNLESS THE BEARING IS INSTALLED BY F.A.S.T. Racing, WE WILL NOT WARRANTY CLUTCH COVER IN THIS AREA WITH REGARDS TO LOOSE WATER PUMP BEARING. If your brake pedal is interfering with your clutch cover, you can adjust it up or down with the adjuster on the back part of the pedal.

Please add waterpump bearing and seal to order and we will install them for no charge labor!

Call us for other models and pricing.

Direct Drive Lock Up Cover GLOSS BLACK

  • $285.00

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