• Timing Plate - Billet - Honda ATC / TRX 250R
These work great on stock to built Honda 250R bikes. They come with bearing and add 2-3 HP and noticeable torque. Made from billet and are MUCH stronger than the stock ones, which usually break!

Brand new Billet 6061 T6 Aluminium counterbalance bearing holder for 1985- 1989 watercooled 250R motors. Timing pick up mounting holes have been adjusted for a 4 degree timing advance. This is a great fix for the OEM "de tuned" timing setting. A nice "stealthy" perfomance upgrade since it is concealed by the ignition cover. Your friends will never need to know! Made here in the USA using a CNC Mill.

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Timing Plate - Billet - Honda ATC / TRX 250R

  • Product Code: FR-TIMING-PLATE-250R
  • $69.95


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