Can be used in gasoline, methanol and diesel fuels. Fuel fragrance makes it a cinch to tell what's in your gas can BEFORE you put it in the wrong ATV. You could fragrance just one type of fuel or designate a different scent for each ATV's specific fuel needs. If you add it while mixing your two-stroke fuel, you won't have a problem remembering later that it's already been mixed and is ready to go. This product is widely used from lawnmowers to top fuel dragsters. Fuel fragrances are intended to set you apart from the rest and be a crowd pleaser, plus they are just plain fun. They do not enhance or inhibit performance and are safe to use in all internal combustion engines. For best results use in vehicles without catalytic converters.

One 4 ounce bottle treats:
55 gallons of alcohol/methanol
20 gallons of gasoline or nitro methane
10 gallons of diesel

Blends clear. Eliminates eye, nose, and throat irritation in addition to harsh odors. Safe for all internal combustion engines, O2 sensors and doesn't reduce or improve performance. For best results, use in vehicles without catalytic converters.  Recommended FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY.

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Fuel Fragrance

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