These are Genuine Keihin 35pwk QAS AIR STRYKER NOT imitation knock offs.

These have wings on the intake bell to provide a stronger signal to the pilot jet and needle jet. This provides better low end transition, these work great on dune and trail motors looking for a better bottom end mid range with no loss in top end.

Quad Vents: Eliminates post jump bogging from fuel plugged vent passages

We stock 33's, 35's, and 39'S for the Banshee, 250R, Blaster, LT 250, LT 500, etc. This flat D-slide carb greatly enhances throttle response and unleashes the beast within! You will be amazed at the HP and torque you have been missing out on. We also carry the 41mm Pro Series for you drag guys or bigger motors wanting more HP.

Comes with 48 pilot, 4.5 slide, DEK needle, and 160 main.

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  • Product Code: SU-016-160
  • $285.00


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