• Klotz Flex Drive 30 Gear Lubricant

Klotz Flex Drive® 30 TechniPlate® Synthetic Gear Lubricant is a low viscosity, Extreme pressure 75W/80 gear lubricant for use in 2/4-stroke motorcycle and ATV Transmissions with a wet clutch.

Klotz Flex Drive® 30 is engineered for enhanced thermal stability and the constant shearing stress of racing applications. TechniPlate® technology is an advanced synthetic lubricant system that contains precision lubricating and anti-shear film to absorb shock and metal to metal contact. Klotz Flex Drive® 30 will challenge and outrun the competition in the following ways:

  • TechniPlate® reduces friction for improved gear reliability
  • Fast, easy shifting and positive, smooth clutch operation
  • Shear stable polymer molecules reduce shock loading
  • Extreme load carrying capacity for extended bearing and gear life
  • Protects against wear and quiets transmission gear noise
  • Comes as 32oz/1qt

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Klotz Flex Drive 30 Gear Lubricant

  • Product Code: KLOTZ-FLEX-DRIVE-30
  • $14.95


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