• Max Load Bearing

This is what we run on our high HP bikes. It has more bearings and is much stronger than the stock bearings! This is a high quality Koyo 8 ball bearing made in Japan ( just like stock) and can handle the high rpm and hp of modified bikes. These are not like the cheap Chinese junk on ebay!

Most max load bearings are just that, made for heavy max load but NOT high rpm. Stock bearings are 7 ball, most max loads are 10 ball and create more drag. Our Koyo max load is the best of both and will handle the high rpm of built motors!

We recommend these over TZ bearings as well.

We also recommend our tighter fitting half bearing clip for an even higher quality install.


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Max Load Bearing

  • Product Code: WP-6305-NR
  • $30.00

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