This is for the Banshee but we have them available for other makes as well.

When It's too HOT out there your Banshee motor can take a serious beating. Getting your motor to run at cooler temperature is a big key to keeping your quad from breaking down and it making max HP. This OVERSIZED Radiator keeps your bike running cool under almost any riding conditions providing twice the cooling over the stock radiator.

Help stop that overheating ATV with this 20-30%  larger than stock capacity radiator.

These aren't like some cheap ebay crap, they are built tough!

Retail : $115 .... Your cost $99.95

Available for Honda 450R, LTR450, Z400, Banshee, Raptor 660, Raptor 700, YFZ450

Just put in the notes what model you need it for as the price is the same!

Oversized Radiator

  • Product Code: MA-AT-35011OVERSIZE-RAD
  • $99.95


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