Banshee clutch pusher pancake bearing helps to eliminate the dreaded clutch rod/ball welding themselves together causing carnage in your engine (see other image). Helps smooth out the clutch engagement. Comes with a high quality bearing and two washers so that you do not have metal on aluminum wear (unlike some of the competitors single washer design that may potentially cause wear). This is a big hit with Banshee crowd. A must for guys with overrides and lockups!

Banshee Clutch Pusher Pancake Bearing

  • Fits all years Banshee
  • Attention to detail.
  • Everything you need is included.
  • Eliminates the ball welding associated with banshees.  All modern 4 stroke atv's use a ball bearing clutch pusher.
  • Smooths clutch action.  
  • Easy to install.
  • Short enough to provide adequate adjustment for stock clutches and clutches with additional plates.
  • You can pay less for other brands but you get less!!
  • *Comes with 2 bolts because some aftermarket clutch setups require the longer adjuster bolt*

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Clutch Pancake Bearing

  • Product Code: CH-CP-CP-01
  • $36.00


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