• Clutch Pancake Bearing

This is the Banshee clutch pusher pancake bearing that comes with 2 inner adjusting studs, and a top of the line bearing. This is a big hit with the Banshee crowd. Helps to eliminate the dreaded clutch rod/ball welding themselves together causing carnage in your engine. Helps smooth out the clutch engagement. A must for guys with overrides and lockups!

Banshee Clutch Pusher Pancake Bearing

  • Fits all years Banshee
  • Attention to detail.
  • Everything you need is included.
  • Eliminates the ball welding associated with banshees.  All modern 4 stroke atv's use a ball bearing clutch pusher.
  • Smooths clutch action.  
  • Easy to install.
  • Short enough to provide adequate adjustment for stock clutches and clutches with additional plates.
  • You can pay less for other brands but you get less!!
  • *Comes with 2 bolts because some aftermarket clutch setups require the longer bolt*

Clutch Pancake Bearing

  • Product Code: CH-CP-CP-01
  • $35.00


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