• Chain - X-Ring - 520x160 Link

X-Ring Chain - 520x160 Link (+8" -  +12")

This is one Tough chain rated at 8500lbs tensile strength. We have tested many other brands of chains and this one seemed to be the strongest!!

As an added bonus it has the lightening holes in the side plates to reduce weight and large diameter pins that are Quad staked to get  more hp to the ground!

More benefits:

Lightening holes reduce the chain’s overall weight by 3%, without compromising tensile strength

Helping reduce dirt and mud build-up.

Quadra-X Ring design reduces friction by as much as 40% because of smaller contact area. The X-Ring’s 4 point contact patch also offers better sealing than conventional o-rings. Lab tests show the Quadra-X ring chains last 50% longer than a standard O-ring chain!

Comes in natural steel color and includes one master link.

Chain - X-Ring - 520x160 Link

  • Product Code: WP-693-1760
  • $119.95


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