• RZR Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner

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Fits All Rzr:  570, 570 Ace, 900, 900s, 900xp, 900trail, 9004, 1000, and 1000 4seat

Why do you want this in your RZR??
Your stock tensioner is hydraulic and is known to fail randomly. When the tensioner fails it causes your piston to hit your valves which typically results in catostrophic failure. Yes catastrophic failure is really bad. This happens so frequently we will not put our hands on a motor without replacing the tensioner. To make it worse the OEM tensioner has a weep hole. If you roll or flip your RZR you have a good chance of it losing prime by fluid draining out the weep hole and lack of oil pressure.

-Eliminates start up NOISE caused by OEM hydraulic tensioner.
-Eliminates fear of jumping cam timing caused by OEM tensioner.
-Maintains tension while vehicle is on its side and upside down unlike OEM.
-This should be on every RZR as the OEM tensioner is famous for problems.
-Uses OEM Yamaha automatic tensioner.
-Available in silver, black and gold. (Black in stock)

-OEM Yamaha tensioner.
-Billet CNC machined adapter.
-Steel cam chain button.
-Everything you need.

***Available with 2 different tensioner options.
-Standard for engines with stock valve springs. (In Stock)
-Heavy duty for engines with aftermarket valve springs. *Special order*

RZR Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner

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  • $149.00


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