We build motors from mild to wild — no cookie-cutter port jobs like some of the big names, but customized to each owner's individual needs on a personal level. Call or Email us for a free consultation any time. We can port pretty much anything: LT80, 250Rs, Quad Racers, Banshees, 4 strokes, UTVs, etc. We can tailor a custom, high performance solution just for you.

Porting Services


2-Stroke Engines (Complete teardown, inspection, assembly and pressure testing.)$550
4-Stroke Engines (Complete teardown, inspection, assembly and pressure testing.)$550
Bore Cylinder (each with professional chamfer and hone with elite hone) IF pistons not purchased here ADD $10 each cyl.
Overbore of +3 sizes or more, add $10+ each cyl.
+ $10
Woods Port — All ports reshaped and angled for optimum all-around HP. BIG gains in bottom and mid with some additional topend. For those just wanting all around more power and not drag racing much this port is a blast. Pair
Play / Dune Port — Our most popular port we offer. All ports reconfigured for optimum mid-top HP. Retains good bottom with awesome midrange and top end power for drag racing your buddies and fast trail riding and all around fun F.A.S.T. bike to ride. Pair
Aggressive / Play Dune port
For those looking for more top end without going full drag. (RACE GAS IS A MUST for optimal HP/Torque!)
For aggressive riders that ride spirited and like to race and ride in the higher rpm range. 

Full Drag Race Port  (ONLY IF WE BUILD MOTOR)
All ports optimized for FULL all-out Drag HP!!! Want to be front of the pack? Call F.A.S.T.!!! (4mm Drag is $700pair)
Cheetah Cub and DM cyls. etc. Drag Porting  (ONLY IF WE BUILD MOTOR) Pair
Cub or Serval Play port: For those who don't want Drag only but are looking for more HP without much loss of torque. $350
Case porting: We port match upper case to bottom of cylinders, rough bottom and top case, epoxy bottom of case to stop air leaks before they happen. Good for 2-3 HP 
Case boring: We will bore your cases.$250
Case Trenching: trenching up to 10mm crank.$250

4-Stroke Porting

250R Woods port               $250
250R Play port                    $295
250 / 300EX$350
Raptor 660$475
Raptor 700$450
KFX / LTZ400$450
TRX 450R$450
Utility Quads (starting at)$250
3 angle valve jobs (starting at)$130

Alcohol Carb Conversion

We'll convert EACH carb to alcohol.(Labor only)
Jets and parts are additional.  
Power Jets EACH additional. (Bowls sold separately)$40

Boring & Honing

Hone Cylinder$25
Bore Cylinder Each: (each with professional chamfer and hone with elite hone)$60
Nikasil Hone$20
Bore Twin Cylinder pr. (with professional chamfer and hone with elite hone)$120
Overbore of +3 sizes or more, add $10 each cyl.                                                       $10

Other Services

Crank True/Weld$75
Crank Rebuild (singles) start at
Sleeving & Decking (start at)$150
Override Transmission 1-4 M5 &6 Drag only$400
Override Transmission 1-5  Drag only
Override Transmission 2-5  Drag only$350
Neutral Down Option (add)+ $50
Crank True/Weld with engine build$50
Banshee Pro Mod: For best possible shifting without going Full Drag override. 
Mill stock Banshee head (we mill your head) for more hp/trq on Premium fuel
Shift Shaft Mod (we modify shift shaft for more throw and better shifting)