Porting Services

We Build motors from mild to wild — no cookie-cutter port job like some of the BIG NAMES, but customized to each customer's individual needs on a personal level. Call/Email us for a free consultation any time.
We can port pretty much anything: LT80, 250Rs, Quad Racers, Banshees, 4 strokes, UTVs, etc...
We can tailor a custom, high performance solution just for you.

2-Stroke Engines (Complete teardown, inspection, assembly, along with pressure testing.)$450
4-Stroke Engines (Complete teardown, inspection, assembly, along with pressure testing.)$550

Bore Cylinder (each with professional chamfer and hone with elite hone$60
Overbore of +3 sizes or more, add $10
+ $10

Woods Port — All ports reshaped and angled for optimum all-around HP. BIG gains in bottom and mid with some additional topend.$250
Play / Dune Port — Our most popular port. All ports reconfigured for optimum mid-top HP. Retains good bottom with awesome midrange and top end.$350
Aggressive / Play Dune port
(For those looking for more top end without going full drag — MUST run race gas for optimal HP/Trq!)
Full Drag Race Port
(All ports optimized for FULL all-out Drag HP!!! Want to be front of the pack? Call F.A.S.T.!!!)
Cheetah Cub Drag Porting$450
Cub or Serval Play port: For those who don't want Drag only but are looking for more hp w/out much loss of tq.                                                 $350
Case porting:  We port match upper case to bottom of cylinders, rough bottom and top case, epoxy bottom of case to stop air leaks before they happen. Good for 2-3hp  $125
Case boring:  We will bore your cases  $185
Case Trenching: trenching up to 10mm crank $185
IF doing case trenching and boring at same time $ 325 to do both.

4-Stroke Porting

250 / 300EX$350
Raptor 660 with 3 angle valve job$475
Raptor 700$350
KFX / LTZ400$350
TRX 450R$350
Utility Quads (starting at)$250
3 angle valve jobs (starting at)$115

Boring & Honing

Hone Cylinder$25
Bore Cylinder Each: (each with professional chamfer and hone with elite hone)$60
Nikasil Hone$20
Bore Twin Cylinder pr. (with professional chamfer and hone with elite hone)$120

Other Services

Crank True/Weld$75
Crank Rebuild (singles)$75
Sleeving & Decking (start at)$130
Duneable Override (starting at) Requires core
Neutral Down Option (add)+ $15
Crank True/Weld with engine build$50
Flywheel Lightening$60
Override Transmission (non-duneable) Requires core
Full 6-Speed Override (non-duneable) Requires core


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Shift Shaft Mod

Shift Shaft Mod

This is a mod we do to your shift shaft when you send it in... NOT recomended for override transmiss..


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