• V-FORCE 4 Reeds - Banshee

These are the "GENUINE" Moto Tassinari NEW V FORCE 4 reed cages and they're one of the first mods to do to a Banshee! They create more torque and more HP throughout the RPM range and improve throttle response. All-new reed petal resin system, carbon fiber and lay-up.

  • Pre-curved reed petal ensures better seal at tip.
  • Wider reed cage for maximum airflow.
  • Combined reed tip area increased resulting in increased total air flow.
  • Airfoil shape added to cage tip to increase air velocity from outer ports.
  • Long reed stops added to progressively slow petal tip velocity, for increased petal durability.
  • Reduced frontal area of central wing by 15.6%, combined with a more aerodynamic shape.
Independent dyno testing has repeatedly shown significant performance gains over the already outstanding performance provided by the V-Force3 reed valve system. Gains of 3-4 HP over stock are common. COMES WITH: 2 New reed cages, gaskets, bolts and stickers!! We also have replacement reed petals available for the 2s, 3s and 4s.

Don't be fooled by imitation knock off brands as they are not near the quality hence the price difference. Don't risk your high dollar build with some cheapo/knock off valve. This is the Original 100% genuine V FORCE valves!

1 Pair for a Banshee

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V-FORCE 4 Reeds - Banshee

  • Product Code: MA-V4144-2
  • $205.00


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