Alba Racing ecu flash for the YXZ 1000 and YXZ 1000SS. After too many hours of testing we have our ecu flash ready.

-Performance ignition curve for increased throttle response, HP and TQ.
-Performance fuel curve set richer for a cooler egt's and engine temps.
-Rev limiter in 5th gear raised to 10500 rpm (stock is 9500 rpm).
-Huge top speed gain possible due to extended rpm.
-Speed and torque limiters removed.
-Radiator fan activated at 180 deg for a cooler running engine.
-Must run 91 oct fuel or better.
-OPTIONAL 11,500 rev limiter. Aftermarket valve springs only.
-OPTIONAL turbo timing map for turbo cars.

**ECU core options:
1. You ship us your ECU we reprogram it and send it back within 2 business days. We pay return shipping.
2. You pay the core charge of $486 for the YXZ1000 or $711 for the YXZ1000SS, plus the $299 for the flash, we ship you a ECU. Send us your ECU within 30 days and we will refund the $486 or $711.
3. Purchase a re-flashed ecu core outright for $785 or $1010 for the SS. No core required.

**For race use only. Never to be used on public roads/riding areas. For closed course competition only.


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YXZ1000R / YXZ1000ss ECU Re Flash

  • Product Code: AL-YXZ1000r / YXZ1000ss ECU Re Flash
  • $299.00


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