• YXZ1000R / YXZ1000SS Heavy Hitter Flywheel
FLYWHEEL-H-M Heavy hitter flywheel. This is the best mod you can make to your YXZ 1000. The difference is night and day.

-CNC billet flywheel balanced.
-Hard anodized black to prevent rust.
-Over 2x the stock weight as well as increased diameter.
-Much harder to stall.
-Greatly increased low speed driveability.
-Helps put the power to the ground out of turns.
-Less jerky and clunky when down shifting.
-On turbo cars it will also help keep boost pressure up after a shift.
-No negative side effects. No loss in acceleration or power. Just smoother.
-Easy bolt on install in about 30 minutes.
-Works great with all clutch types.
-Made in the USA.

Fits all models and years Yamaha YXZ 1000 stock to modified.

We also offer a combo price if you would like to try both our Heavy Hitter and Feather Weight fly wheels! Many of our customers and racers purchase both and will change between the heavy and light depending on where they are riding/racing. The Heavy Hitter really helps with slow speed drive-ability (Rocks,hills and tight trails) while the light weight helps in build fast rpm in higher speed riding.

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YXZ1000R / YXZ1000SS Heavy Hitter Flywheel

  • Product Code: AL-700-FLYWHEEL-H-M
  • $149.99


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