Alba Racing Ultralight flywheel for the YXZ 1000.

-Ultra light 2.1 pounds for maximun performance.
-Snappier throttle response.
-Increased acceleration.
-CNC machined from billet blanks.
-Lets engine rev ultra fast.
-Great for aggressive drivers.
-Easy bolt in installation.
-Anodized black to prevent corrosion.
-Low speed drive-ability is decreased.
-Uses OEM bolts.
-Made in the USA.

Alba Racing has tested now over 30 different prototype flywheels of different weights and diameters to find the best possible combination of weight and diameter. This is a mod that is great for aggressive drivers and racers. This will increase the responsiveness of the engine and hit out of corners. You will give up low speed driveability. If your looking for more low speed driveability look into our heavy hitter flywheel or for something in between our feather weight flywheel. TORQUE SPEC- 27 FOOT POUNDS WITH LOCK-TITE

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YXZ1000R / YXZ1000SS Ultra Light Racing Flywheel

  • $89.99


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